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Are you looking for a faster injury rehabilitation in Canton MI? Whether you are trying to return to work, resume athletic competition, or return to your favorite recreational past-time, a proper and full rehabilitation is one of the most important factors following an injury or surgery. The road to recovery and return to full health can often seem endless and at times be extremely frustrating. Ensuring that you are doing everything possible to assist in this process can mean the difference between a long and strenuous recovery or a speedy and healthy rehabilitation.

While physical therapy and other health care specialties are critical to properly returning to your pre-injury state, massage therapy at Still Point Massage is just as important to completing the journey. While the end goals of a successful recovery are typically to improve strength and increase motion, the road to complete healing is far from over. Following an injury or a surgery, the damaged tissues often don’t receive a full supply of blood and nutrients. Nutrients and proper circulation have been shown to be the foundation to a successful and timely rehabilitation. Massage therapy has been found to be one of the best health care tools for assisting with improved circulation and as a result nutrient delivery. Without the contributions of massage therapy, recovery may be prolonged and you may never actually reach your full health potential.

As if the road to recovery wasn’t difficult enough, the scar tissue that can develop during the healing process can make the situation much more complicated. When the majority of tissues throughout your body are damaged, your body has no choice but to begin the healing process rapidly. This rush to fix the damage creates a strong, but disorganized tissue. This abnormal tissue often results in decreased motion and function, while also having a negative effect on circulation. The timely inclusion of massage therapy into your rehabilitation program can greatly reduce the odds of scar tissue forming and also begin to reverse the changes if its too late.

Anyone who has underwent a rehabilitation program knows that the process can be extremely painful. The strengthening and movement of healing tissues can be almost unbearable. As mentioned before, not only can massage therapy help with returning function to the damaged area, it is also very useful for reducing pain during the process. In addition to relaxing tight muscles and tissues, the manual pressure applied to these tissues stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers. With all the benefits of massage therapy, it can be a critical mistake to not include in your rehabilitation process.

Effects of Massage Therapy on Rehabilitation
What are the postive effects of massage therapy on rehabilitation?

  1. Proven to be a great asset to other rehabilitation therapies
  2. Assists with improving strength and returning motion
  3. Improves circulation and nutrient supply
  4. Decreases pain during the recovery process

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