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Massage Therapy Canton MI migraines relief

Are you suffering from migraines in Canton MI? A migraine can be defined as a reoccurring throbbing, sharp pain localized to one side of the head with associated nausea and visual disturbances. Those that experience migraines often experience an aura that includes but is not limited to, sensitivity to lights and noise, changes in vision, and a feeling of numbness or tingling in one hand.

Thankfully, treatments for migraines have dramatically improved! With massage therapy adjustments and massage therapy, you can drastically reduce, or even eliminate, the occurrence of migraines.

Can massage therapy help with migraine relief in Canton MI?

Massage therapy is largely known to reduce tension and stress which, coincidentally, are two of the primary triggers for migraines. Our massage therapists at Still Point Massage are specially trained professionals that work together with chiropractors to find the lead cause of the migraines and treat it. Massage therapists are trained in specific techniques to assist in the reduction of the frequency of migraines, improve the quality and duration of sleep and relieve stress. A massage will also trigger the release of serotonin which is a hormone that stimulates relaxation and is a natural pain reliever.

Migraines are one of the top 20 reasons for disability and an estimated 30 million days are lost from school or work because of migraines. 55% of those that suffer from migraines experience more than one a week.

Don’t be another statistic. Consult one of our massage therapists at Still Point Massage in Canton MI today and start living your life.


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