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Do you suffer from post-operative swelling in Canton MI?  It is common to experience tissue swelling after a surgical intervention, as it is part of the body's natural healing process. But some cosmetic procedures can alter or even remove the lymphatic pathways under the skin, making it harder for the body to efficiently move swelling out of the tissues. Lymph node removal, not uncommon in cancer treatments such as mastectomies, also compromise the integrity of the lymphatic system making it difficult for the body to move swelling on its own. This edema can last months while the body tries to find new ways to move the fluid.

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Lymphatic drainage can assist in moving this fluid through gentle manipulation of the lymphatic capillaries, and in severe cases where pathways may have been damaged even redirect the flow of fluid to a new drainage site. Our therapists are trained to treat the swelling that accommodates most post-surgical interventions, to help speed the healing process, reduce pain, and minimize scar tissue formation.


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