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Are you looking for improved flexibility in Canton MI? Experiencing a muscle injury is more common now than it ever has been. What’s the reason for this? People are becoming more and more sedentary. Aging makes the situation worse because, with age, joints become tighter adding to the decrease in flexibility.

Maintaining flexibility and movement in Canton MI

Through regular treatments of massage therapy at Still Point Massage in Canton MI, you can improve and maintain proper flexibility and movement in your joints. By continuously working on your body’s musculature, tendons, and ligaments you are able to keep healthy levels of fluids in your joints and your muscles relaxed. Another benefit of this is you are decreasing your tendency of injury.

As clearly stated, receiving massage therapy is a great way to keep muscles relaxed and if you combined regular massage therapy care then you are going to reach your body’s maximum potential. Daily stretching and being active is a great ways to keep up with your healthy lifestyle.

By participating in daily stretching, you can increase blood circulation which is important for recovering from sickness or injury and preventing further sickness or injury. By stretching, you help to elongate your muscles, improve your posture and increase your joint ranges of motion. If you are a physically active person, keeping loosened muscles is important to prevent sprains or strains while running and working out.

While creating your workout routine, be sure to include stretching, massage therapy, and massage therapy care and you can greatly reduce the amount of muscular soreness you experience. This happens because stretching gives your muscles more movement and prevents a collection of lactic acid. Lactic acid buildup occurs when your body doesn’t have enough oxygen so instead of breaking down carbohydrates into water and carbon dioxide, it breaks down carbohydrates for energy which makes lactic acid. This is what contributes to muscle soreness and cramping following a rigorous workout.

Improving range of motion and flexibility leads to:

  • Regulated production of joint lubricants to maintain proper movement
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Maximized physical performance
  • Reduced occurrence of injury
  • Longer workout periods

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