Massage Pricing in Canton MI

Massage Therapy Canton MI prices

Massages in Canton MI

  • 30-Minute Therapeutic Massage - $55
  • 60-Minute Therapeutic Massage - $90
  • 90-Minute Therapeutic Massage - $130


  • Buy (5) 60-minute massages, get one free!
  • Buy (2) 60-minute massages, get $20 off the third!

Still Point Wellness Membership Plan

Choose what works best for you: one 60-minute massage a month at $75, or one 90-minute massage a month at $105. 6-month and 12 month plans are available, with bonus perks such as:

  • additional monthly services at discounted rates
  • family memberships available
  • discounts on gift certificates
  • free services with the purchase of 12-month plans
  • 15% off all retail (except Shaklee products)


Aromatherapy - $5

The use of essential oils during your massage can help you achieve a variety of outcomes. Feeling low on energy? Ask for a citrus oil to boost your energy levels. Can't sleep? Try some lavender. Sinus issues? We've got some peppermint and eucalyptus for that.

Fire & Ice Treatment - $10

This therapeutic application combines both heat and ice with specialized pain-relieving gels to enhance the muscular changes achieved through your massage and dramatically reduce pain.

Hand or Foot Paraffin - $10

A luxurious add-on to your massage to help soften your hands or feet. Studies have found benefits in using paraffin treatment for those with osteoarthritis as well, as it can help alleviate joint-related stiffness and pain.

Peppermint Hot Stone - $15

Hot stone massage is a unique approach that uses warm basalt stones in strategic areas to relax the muscles and increase circulation. Combined with Swedish massage and the invigorating effects of peppermint oil, this treatment is guaranteed to bolster your level of relaxation to the highest level!

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